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Since having my baby girls, my eye for the shots I love has truly changed.

I used to think newborn sessions were all about perfectly posed babies in little hats and funky bowls. Now I believe, that sessions (not just newborns), have to include those messy unexpected elements as well…kisses…lots of kisses…and hands in Mommy’s hair…laughs at grandma…and love.

You don’t see all those things in the perfectly posed shots…you see them in the fleeting moments that pass before a mother’s eyes…the moments that she remembers like the breeze yet never gets to see because she is in it, not watching it from across the room.

Leo will not know what life was like in his home in those posed shots…but he will in the messy ones. The ones where he sees his Father’s love for him and his family.

Hope you enjoy the preview family!! Can’t wait to share the rest!

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This past month I have been able to pick up my camera again and shoot those I love. For me, I struggle a great deal with using the gift the Lord has given me for my own family. After 6 years of shooting for myself and others, I find it is often hard to pick up my “real” camera to shoot my own family…yet, I lament and beat myself up when I don’t! Isn’t that crazy! Spring is such an awesome time to snap a few shots of your babies!

So…last year, I took about 10 minutes worth of pictures of JodiAnn in the daffodils while pregnant, suffering from pneumonia, and missing my hubby while he was on my Mission Trip in Alaska. I figured, this year couldn’t be harder than that! hahaha!

I wish as a photographer that I had those perfect children…you know, the ones you see on Pinterest?? Oh…that’s right…they aren’t real!! Don’t fret Mama’s…my babies are not perfect, but honestly, I love them so much it doesn’t matter! I love the pictures with pointy toes that don’t like the feeling of mulch under their legs, toddlers who can’t sit still for a minute, and babies who have completely stolen my heart in all their perfect imperfections! Hopefully, one day they will love their perfectly imperfect mother too for trying to take a few pics of them!

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So often I get the joy of photographing families that visit Asheville, NC. I love to see families that rarely ever enjoy quality time together due to busy lives and distant locations, come together for a time of relaxing and refreshing. This family was quite a joy for me. Rose and I had an immediate connection after she mentioned how much she loved our Disney Vacation Photos. You see, she is an event planner at Disney…and for her, it is always fun to see how families enjoy their time in her environment. I absolutely love photographing families and feel it is one of the ways I can give a gift back in this world…I was quite shocked when I arrived for this session to find that she had brought a gift for me all the way from Florida!

We laughed, hiked all over their vacation home property, oohed and aahed over baby Annabel, and basically had a wonderful afternoon!  Thank you all for sharing your vacation time with me!

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After a long and cold winter season, it was so nice to be able to do the thing that we love again this past week…to shoot weddings. We truly believe we have the honor of being a part of something really special and remarkable in a young couples life. The time when a couple comes together after waiting so long for that moment is a precious thing for us to capture through our lenses. We truly believe that it is not about the wedding, but that it is about the marriage that two people are building together.

The dating stage is different for each couple; weddings are themed and planned according to their personal style; but a marriage can only be built on one foundation to prosper. Building your marriage with the Lord as the cornerstone will ensure it will prosper. We always love to see a couple that believes in this as well!

‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” Matthew 19:5-6

Many blessings to you both! Hope you two had a beautiful honeymoon!!
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