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I was so excited to receive a message for a session from this family! They were driving out from Missouri to vacation in Bryson City, NC and wanted to document that time with a family session! I think these sessions are so much fun! Sharing a love for Jesus and hiking through the beautiful landscape of Deep Creek was just wonderful!

Hope you guys enjoy these!!

McBride Family_02 McBride Family_04 McBride Family_08 McBride Family_14 McBride Family_23 McBride Family_24 McBride Family_32 McBride Family_33 McBride Family_41 McBride Family_45 McBride Family_50 McBride Family_51 McBride Family_54 McBride Family_65 McBride Family_70 McBride Family_75

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These beautiful baby girls have brought such light and love into our home. Watching the two of them interact is just amazing. JodiAnn loves Jubilee exuberantly! She wants to just snuggle her aggressively every chance she gets! Ha! Maybe one of these days I can get the two of them in the same shot! Whew!

Auntie Em is such a precious part of these girls lives…she came to the hospital when they each were born and she is the only person who has ever kept the girls besides my Mom. She is a wonderful blessing to us and them! I could not ask for a better Auntie for my babies!

DZ3A5821 DZ3A5823 DZ3A5812 DZ3A5835 DZ3A5881 DZ3A5928 DZ3A5909 DZ3A5979 DZ3A5976 DZ3A5968 DZ3A5865 DZ3A6013 DZ3A5724 DZ3A5715 DZ3A5790

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Sweet Hayden has been riding just a few months…but, her love for these big, beautiful animals has been around much longer than that. Her precious smile and gentle nature as she loved on these giants was so precious to watch from behind the camera…I remember that love…a love I had once too for these amazing animals. So thankful that I was able to spend some time capturing these moments for her!

DZ3A6338 DZ3A6399 DZ3A6442 DZ3A6446 DZ3A6458 DZ3A6483 DZ3A6561 DZ3A6609 DZ3A6615 DZ3A6638-2 DZ3A6658 DZ3A6689-2 DZ3A6739 DZ3A6741 DZ3A6816 DZ3A6869 DZ3A6880 DZ3A6906 DZ3A6968 DZ3A6991

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