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These little beauties are my sweet, precocious, argumentative, talkative, and very active girls!! I seriously could not have handpicked babies that I would cherish as much as them!! They sure challenge this old lady every day and make me repent often!

God is so good…He is molding me and teaching me daily how to be a better Mama because of them!

Oh…and I had to get one of my handsome boy…though he did not want to sit in the daffodils!

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What a wonderfully fun occasion to celebrate!! Owen has turned two and I got to spend time with his whole family while they prepared for his birthday party!

This family is so blessed!! I loved watching as all the grandparents quickly changed back into their “working” clothes and got busy weed eating, cleaning toys and preparing for the party! Each one had a job to do and they joyfully did it.

That is a beautiful legacy! They have reached the point that they can enjoy the fruits of their labor! I often feel overwhelmed with my lack of time and resources in this season of life…I think to myself, where do I want to be when I am 80, and that brings it all back into perspective!! I want to be busy with my kids and grandkids doing exactly what I am doing now!!

Enjoy this little preview family!!!

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This little one has been a miracle from the beginning. Mom was told that she would not have any more children, yet, God knew different! Getting pregnant in the least likely way possible…one that most doctors only read about in textbooks…how amazing is that???

So excited that she invited me on this journey with their family…we booked her birth before she had even been to her first actual OB appointment!!

When I got the call last Wednesday night that she was actually 7 cm dilated…I threw it into high gear and drove very quickly to Greenville. I must say, I prayed the WHOLE way that she would not deliver before I got there. Thankfully, we had about an hour and twenty minutes of labor before sweet Sullivan came into the world. Oh, how sweet it is to hear a newborn’s cry!!!

I am grateful and thankful that this is a part of my job!!!

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I love when Spring Sessions start rolling in. After a nice winter break, it is so nice to get back outside and spend time with new families! This session, in honor of Super Saturday, which happens every year in Tryon, NC was held when this precious family came back into town for all the festivities. We had a beautiful time putting around the farm looking for fun spots to shoot in. I love so many of these that it was hard to narrow them down!

Kelli C Photography Blog_01 Kelli C Photography Blog_02 Kelli C Photography Blog_03 Kelli C Photography Blog_04 Kelli C Photography Blog_05 Kelli C Photography Blog_06 Kelli C Photography Blog_07

Crooked, yes...perfect, absolutely!! Its about moments sometimes more than composition!

Crooked, yes…perfect, absolutely!! Its about moments sometimes more than composition!

Kelli C Photography Blog_09 Kelli C Photography Blog_10 Kelli C Photography Blog_11 Kelli C Photography Blog_12 Kelli C Photography Blog_13
This smart and sassy girl was so much fun!

This smart and sassy girl was so much fun!

Kelli C Photography Blog_15 Kelli C Photography Blog_16 Kelli C Photography Blog_17 Kelli C Photography Blog_18 Kelli C Photography Blog_19
Sometimes you just need a good cry :)

Sometimes you just need a good cry 🙂

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