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We had the most beautiful day for a wedding! After a couple of rainy wedding days this year, we were thankful! I had so much fun with this wedding party. Especially the men! I had to include all their shots with the groom because they were all SOOO funny! Each one had to go a little further to beat the one before!

Hope you enjoy!! Many blessings to the beautiful couple! We pray for many beautiful and wonderful years together!

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I always love hearing from families that are only going to be together once this year and they want it documented! It means that not only do they value family…but, photography too. This family is from all around the US and we had one shot at getting this done while they were all here. Thank good ness we had the perfect weather and mixture of fun for their session!

These sessions are great we can mix together traditional posing and lots of real life fun…with 14 children in this family…we needed it to be lots of fun! I love, love, love sessions where the kids are hollering, “take a picture of me!” That means they are enjoying showing off for me!

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This family means a lot to me! There is not a year that I can’t look back that this family is not in a folder tucked away in my computer! It’s funny for me to go back and look…not only has this family grown and changed exponentially through the years, but I have as well. My style has become more defined…I am much more comfortable as a photographer…and I can tell my skills have greatly improved! One of these days I will do a post of some of my very first sessions…you will get a kick out of them too!

I love exploring with a family…even when it is so hot everyone gets that plastered down sweaty hair…and the kids have not gotten in their nap…and everyone is hungry…see, look at these moments we captured. I count them all as priceless!


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What a beautiful love we got to document! This wedding was so precious and you could feel how much these families loved this bride and groom. After the wedding, everyone was just hugging, crying, and congratulating…it was amazing to be a part of. We had tons of rain…I mean…tons! There was no real break in it all day! Fortunately, Rumbling Bald has a couple areas that we could utilize for pictures that made the outdoor feel possible! So thankful that we were able to witness the joining of these two families!!

Yousuke & Emily001
Yousuke & Emily002
Yousuke & Emily005
Yousuke & Emily009
Yousuke & Emily012
Yousuke & Emily014
Yousuke & Emily015
Yousuke & Emily017
Yousuke & Emily020
Yousuke & Emily022
Yousuke & Emily029
Yousuke & Emily030
Yousuke & Emily032
Yousuke & Emily037
Yousuke & Emily038
Yousuke & Emily041
Yousuke & Emily045
Yousuke & Emily046
Yousuke & Emily053
Yousuke & Emily056
Yousuke & Emily059
Yousuke & Emily061
Yousuke & Emily064
Yousuke & Emily066
Yousuke & Emily071
Yousuke & Emily075
Yousuke & Emily077
Yousuke & Emily083
Yousuke & Emily092
Yousuke & Emily096
Yousuke & Emily116
Yousuke & Emily118
Yousuke & Emily119
Yousuke & Emily120
Yousuke & Emily123
Yousuke & Emily125
Yousuke & Emily126
Yousuke & Emily129
Yousuke & Emily132
Yousuke & Emily133
Yousuke & Emily138
Yousuke & Emily163
Yousuke & Emily172
Yousuke & Emily186
Yousuke & Emily191
Yousuke & Emily192
Yousuke & Emily194
Yousuke & Emily199
Yousuke & Emily200
Yousuke & Emily214
Yousuke & Emily216
Yousuke & Emily218
Yousuke & Emily219
Yousuke & Emily223
Yousuke & Emily227
Yousuke & Emily230
Yousuke & Emily233
Yousuke & Emily234
Yousuke & Emily236
Yousuke & Emily237
Yousuke & Emily238
Yousuke & Emily244
Yousuke & Emily248
Yousuke & Emily251
Yousuke & Emily252
Yousuke & Emily257
Yousuke & Emily261
Yousuke & Emily266
Yousuke & Emily270
Yousuke & Emily340
Yousuke & Emily342
Yousuke & Emily346
Yousuke & Emily347
Yousuke & Emily351
Yousuke & Emily359
Yousuke & Emily367
Yousuke & Emily371
Yousuke & Emily374
Yousuke & Emily375
Yousuke & Emily378
Yousuke & Emily387
Yousuke & Emily390
Yousuke & Emily392
Yousuke & Emily395
Yousuke & Emily398
Yousuke & Emily400
Yousuke & Emily401
Yousuke & Emily403
Yousuke & Emily405
Yousuke & Emily407
Yousuke & Emily435
Yousuke & Emily440
Yousuke & Emily442
Yousuke & Emily448
Yousuke & Emily467
Yousuke & Emily480
Yousuke & Emily481
Yousuke & Emily484
Yousuke & Emily486
Yousuke & Emily491
Yousuke & Emily493
Yousuke & Emily495
Yousuke & Emily499
Yousuke & Emily502
Yousuke & Emily504
Yousuke & Emily506
Yousuke & Emily508
Yousuke & Emily509
Yousuke & Emily512
Yousuke & Emily516
Yousuke & Emily528
Yousuke & Emily529
Yousuke & Emily546
Yousuke & Emily548
Yousuke & Emily549
Yousuke & Emily550
Yousuke & Emily555
Yousuke & Emily557
Yousuke & Emily563
Yousuke & Emily566
Yousuke & Emily569
Yousuke & Emily572

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