2019 Powersheets & Cultivate Shop Launch

Powersheets are a Planner Girl’s Jam!!  Oh my goodness!  To be able to intentionally goal set with their guided steps…and then follow along each month as you make “little by little” progress has been a game changer!!! Check out the new products that just released!!!!

I have regularly used Powersheets for 2 years and enjoy getting my new one each year to set aside time to think about all the things that are important for the year to come! Setting goals for my business, family, finances, health, etc is SO important!!!

When you use Powersheets, you are not just buying something and then having to figure it all out on your own…Lara Casey, the creator, and owner of the Cultivate What Matters Shop will guide you through the entire process…and not only that, she continues to teach and mentor you throughout the whole year so that you can stay accountable to your goals!!

Multi-colored is my favorite…but, I love these too!!! Which one is your favorite????

Finally…I just want to mention…the accessories are really fun and I can see how tempting they are…but, if you are limited in funds and can just add one thing to your Powersheets…it should be the Write the Word Journals!!

I buy 10-15 of these a year and use as gifts for my brides, friends, new Moms, etc. They have a great deal when you buy the set, but honestly, I think starting with the one that resonates the most and adding to it once that one is filled is the best idea!!

Look how beautiful they are!!

Write the Word Journals

I have used Cultivate Joy this year and HIGHLY recommend it!!

Write the Word Journals

Let me know what your favorites are!! I can’t wait to hear how much you enjoy your Powersheets!!!

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Intentional Goal Setting using a guided method proven to help thousands of women!!!

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