4 Tips for Picking Your Wedding Photographer

Between your dress, the flowers, the appetizers and the weather, there are so many details of a wedding that a bride needs to consider; but one of the most important is who photographs the wedding! He or she will help you plan your day, and they will always be the person who officially documented your journey from Engaged Couple to Husband and Wife.  Here are a few tips to help you get started!

1. Do Your Research

Begin by doing a simple Google search to see which photographers are local to the area where you are getting married. Check each website thoroughly and narrow down to the ones you feel most represent the style that you love. Spend a few more minutes reviewing Google+ reviews, Facebook reviews, and any other social media platforms that they participate in. This will help you understand more about their personal likes and personality. You are looking for someone with the style you love and a personality that will reflect your own.

2. Make Contact

Now that you have your list of candidates who match your style and who seem like a good personal fit, reach out and connect. Look for their Wedding Inquiry form on their website if they have one or simply use their Contact form. When making contact, be sure to include your names, wedding date and location if those have been decided. It is wise to send these at the same time. What you are now looking for is responsiveness. How long does it take to respond to your emails? Are they professional and easy to talk to?

3. Build Rapport

As you can remember when you first started dating your fiancé, the magic most likely did not happen on the first date…it took time to build a friendship and relationship. The same goes for your photographer…your initial reactions to their work and personality are what draw you into a working relationship with them, while the trust and rapport that you build over time before your wedding is what helps you feel most comfortable in your choice. You will spend the majority of time with your photographer on your wedding day…more than your Mom or fiancé…it is SO important to really like them!

4. Book Early

Once you have made the critical decision of which photographer that you feel best represents the style that you are looking for and has a personality that fits well with yours, book them!! Key dates throughout the year get booked fast. Many times, a bride will check available dates with her favorite photographer before she books her venue to be sure they are available. Expect your photographer to send you a contract detailing what they will provide and any policies they have regarding cancellations or changes. Most require anywhere from 25-40% to hold your date. This is typically non-refundable.

Hopefully, these simple tips will help you as you begin to look for the wedding photographer to document your dream wedding!  For more tips and info Access my Free Resource Library!!

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