A Sweet Newborn Session in Pittsburgh, PA

This little beauty has been in my prayers for many months! I was headed to a football game last fall when her Mama sent me a text asking just how far I would travel for a Newborn Session…I assured her that since we were willing to drive to Tulsa, OK for their Engagements and Charleston, SC for their Wedding, that I would absolutely be willing to drive to Pittsburgh to meet her sweet baby.

Being able to spend time in their home was such an awesome part of this session! It allowed us to spend more time shooting what we wanted, but it was spread out over the evening and morning to allow for the family to not be overwhelmed while adjusting to life at home with a newborn.

As important as newborn sessions are, they are not the easiest for Mom and Dad! Most often, showering is a luxury in those first weeks after giving birth. Days and nights combine and blur…you are learning how to understand this new little person, learning to breastfeed, trying to sleep when you can and eat when you can…then comes Session Day.

Now, all of a sudden, you have to not only get this little person ready for their big session, you also need to get yourself fixed up too! This is the first time usually, that a family has to try to get everyone ready at the same time!

If this process seems hard for you to imagine as a new mom-to-be, I am now offering a limited number of Extended Newborn Sessions! With these sessions, I will come to your home and spend time not only photographing your little one and your new family, but also capturing the moments in-between. Let me be a fly on the wall of your new life! Email me for details!!!

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