Welcome to our home!

In 2010, I took a step of faith and left my full-time job as a bank manager to stay home with my son and was blessed with a business as well! I had no idea what would become of Kelli C Photography when the journey started, but over 7 years later, we are still growing! I knew that no matter what, it was worth the chance to be able to stay at home and raise my son on our family farm.

In 2012, I was blindsided when the Lord revealed that I was to marry Mike, a man that I had met for training for the mission trip of a lifetime. Having been friends for less than 5 months, and never dating, we got married with one day notice to family and friends, then left the next day for a whirlwind mission adventure in Nepal.

Once again, many things have changed. My father died unexpectedly in 2015 in a tragic auto accident. This left our 175-acre farm in the hands of my mom and our family. We have embraced this season and are so grateful for the ability to continue the legacy that my father created. We see many wonderful things coming for this little slice of Heaven here on Earth. That is why we created this blog, to share with all of you!

Join us in our adventures of photography, ministry, and farm life... all the while raising babies (both human and animal), cultivating relationships, and following the One who has made our lives worth living. We hope that you enjoy your time here!

With Sweet Sincerity, Kelli

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