Birth at Spartanburg Regional Hospital in Spartanburg, SC

This birth was such a healing time for me…I scheduled this birth right after we lost Lily in August of last year.  I knew that it would be tough because Kari was due at the same time I should have been giving birth to our special girl.  Knowing it was an induction, I planned my morning to be able to go down to the hospital and work a little while I waited for the call to come up.

Being a third baby, there is a chance that this birth could be a lot different than the quick ones before, but this sweet girl did just what she was supposed to do!  I was excited when I got the call that it was time to come upstairs…and as I entered the room, everyone was relaxed and excited about the new arrival.

Things progressed quickly and this sweet girl made her entrance easy for her Mama (my goodness, have you ever seen a prettier Mama after giving birth???).

I shed a few tears as Kari shared that she had lost a much-wanted baby too and that she was so excited that this pregnancy had been healthy because she really wanted to bring home a baby for her other children.  I knew that feeling all too well because my girls grieved the loss of our sweet Lily right along with us.  I was feeling exactly the same way (and I had also just found out we were newly pregnant, so my hormones were in overdrive!).

This sweet birth was just what my Mama heart needed to know that it was possible to hope and dream again of a sweet baby!


Birth Photography at Spartanburg Regional Hospital

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