The Birth of June Seraphina | Rutherfordton, NC Birth Photographer

Mother and father see their baby for the first time in the Operating Room after a C-Section
What an amazing miracle I was given the pleasure to witness!  This sweet little one has been very stubborn in wanting to meet her Mama and Daddy!  At almost 2 weeks overdue, they started the process of evicting her from her comfortable home only to find out that she was not even packed and ready to come out!  Since she was being so stubborn (and not turned the right way)…Mom had to quickly go for a c-section.

I was so glad to be nearby and able to run over for a few pics prior to her going back.  I knew that the hospital would not allow me to go into the OR…but, this sweet little girl had favor from the Lord!  One of the nurses came out of the OR and recognized me from her family session last year and offered to let me go back!!!  Can you believe it???

I honestly had tunnel vision and figured I would be kicked out, so I quickly suited up (and I am sure looked quite disheveled) and raced in to catch Daddy holding his baby for the first time and Mama meeting her sweet girl!

You can see the rest below!

PS…if the video is not showing below…try this link!!!  June’s Slideshow!!!

Newborn baby with parents for the first time after c-section

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