How to Create Wow with the Wedding Details

It’s All in the Details…with weddings this is definitely true! So many brides spend countless hours searching through Pinterest for inspiration on the theme and details of their wedding! Here are a few tips for Brides on How to Create Wow with the Wedding Details!

There are two schools of thought when photographing details. Some true photojournalists would never remove a dress from the place they find it hanging on the morning of a wedding day to carry it to a location that may be more aesthetically pleasing for pictures. While we may agree that it is great to capture weddings with a photojournalistic style (and we include lots of true to life photos in our galleries) we believe it is nice to use backgrounds that work well with the theme of our weddings for photographing details.

the dress

Getting great shots of your wedding dress requires a lot of creativity and a little bit of luck! We love to use the natural areas around the location where you are getting ready. When you get to the venue, it is best to have your dress out of the bag so it can start to lose any wrinkles that the bag may have made…and if its really bad, steaming will help! Many venues have one, so be sure to ask if they do before your date!

A nice wooden hanger is important for the wedding day. Some brides love to get personalized hangers that they can keep as a memento of their wedding. Often, the whole bridal party will be given a custom hanger to use as well. This is a great gift for the ladies in your bridal party.

Wedding Dress hanging on mantle at Grand Highlands in Hendersonville, NCWedding dress at The Arbor Events in Statesville NCWedding dress at Childress Vineyards NCWedding Dress in Charleston, SCCustom hanger from EtsyWedding Dress at Willow Creek ConservatoryDresses hanging at Lenora's LegacyWedding dress in Marietta GA

the bouquet

The florist will typically deliver all the bouquets in water and they need to be kept cool and out of direct sun if possible. We will remove them from the water for photos and then return them as promptly as possible to keep them fresh. When getting ready for bridal portraits, we often suggest wrapping the bouquets in paper towels to avoid water drops on your dresses. As soon as bridal portraits are done, the flowers are returned to water until the ceremony time.

As an added tip, Lambs Ear in a bouquet looks pretty, but wilts very fast. We recommend using something instead. If there has ever been a bouquet problem child, this would be it!

Tryon NC Wedding bouquetCampobello, sc Wedding Boquets for Bridal PartyBouquet from Marietta GA Wedding

the rings

The rings are the most symbolic detail that we photograph and is the only items that will be on your fingers for the rest of your lives symbolizing the commitment that you have made. We love to spend time photographing a couples rings and find that incorporating flowers, invitations or other details is a great way to showcase these very important pieces of the story. Having your Engagement ring professionally cleaned is important so that they sparkle in the photos. When photographing as close as we do, it is very easy to see a stray fuzz or dirt particle.

Wedding Rings on dress with sashwedding rings on pumpkinwedding rings in succulentswedding rings with bouquetwedding rings with star fishwedding rings on woodwedding rings on lace


The extras would include: shoes, invitations, jewelry, special heirlooms, programs, menus, cuff links, socks, etc. These are the extra details that you have included in your wedding planning that you would want photographed. There is nothing too big or too small to include. We want to showcase every detail that has significance to the Bride, Groom or Family!

It is best to be prepared by first communicating with your photographers about any unusual items you want to be photographed and the significance behind them…and it is also very helpful to have all these items together and ready to go when your photographer arrives so that they only need to focus on being creative and not on finding lost items.

shoes on wedding daycowgirl boots for bridal partybouquet with photos added as an honor and tribute to lost parentshoes for wedding day on blueshoes on wedding daywedding jewelry

As you can see in all of these wedding detail shots from many of our past weddings, we try to incorporate the theme of the wedding, the unique qualities of the venue and the style of the bride into the detail shots while also sticking to our own creative style as well! Wedding details are honestly one of my favorite parts of the day!

I hope that these tips have helped as you prepare your wedding details for your Wedding Day


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Tips from a Professional Photographer on how to prepare your Wedding Details to be Picture Perfect for your wedding day!!


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