Little Spring Chicks | Rutherfordton, NC Baby Photographer

This past month I have been able to pick up my camera again and shoot those I love. For me, I struggle a great deal with using the gift the Lord has given me for my own family. After 6 years of shooting for myself and others, I find it is often hard to pick up my “real” camera to shoot my own family…yet, I lament and beat myself up when I don’t! Isn’t that crazy! Spring is such an awesome time to snap a few shots of your babies!

So…last year, I took about 10 minutes worth of pictures of JodiAnn in the daffodils while pregnant, suffering from pneumonia, and missing my hubby while he was on my Mission Trip in Alaska. I figured, this year couldn’t be harder than that! hahaha!

I wish as a photographer that I had those perfect children…you know, the ones you see on Pinterest?? Oh…that’s right…they aren’t real!! Don’t fret Mama’s…my babies are not perfect, but honestly, I love them so much it doesn’t matter! I love the pictures with pointy toes that don’t like the feeling of mulch under their legs, toddlers who can’t sit still for a minute, and babies who have completely stolen my heart in all their perfect imperfections! Hopefully, one day they will love their perfectly imperfect mother too for trying to take a few pics of them!

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