Maternity Session at Glendale Shoals in Spartanburg, SC

This gorgeous family has a sweet surprise due in just a few weeks!  I love that no matter whether its a girl or boy, this sweet baby will have the same name!  I am patiently awaiting the call that this Mama is in labor because I get to be there for the birth and surprising reveal of whether its a girl or boy!!

We decided when Casey booked this session that I am not allowed to go in labor early and she is not allowed to go into labor late…that way there is no chance of missing this birth!!  We are actually due a couple of weeks apart…and, while shooting this Session…there were at least 3 other Maternity Sessions going on and at least one other pregnant photographer!  It was too funny!

Who here likes the surprise of waiting until delivery day, and who else is like me and has to know as soon as possible???


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