Woodland Wonderland 1st Birthday Party

Woodland Wonderland Birthday Fun!

I love throwing a party! Especially one as fun as this for such a precious little One-Year Old! Check out all the details of this party!! The Woodland Theme was really easy to put together.  I grabbed discounted Woodland ornaments after Christmas and put them in a box that was easy to find on party day.  We made lots of easy recipes that required very little day-of prep.

Some of the menu items were:

Pineapple Cheeseball
Acorn Cookies
Pretzel Sticks dipped in Chocolate and Sprinkles
Cupcakes (Yellow and Chocolate cake with Cream Cheese icing dyed red with white chocolate chip spots)
Bird Nests (haystacks recipe) with cadbury mini eggs
Fruit Kabobs
Veggie Tray
Sandwiches – Pimento and Chicken Salad
Cheese Tray
Old-Fashioned Strawberry Cake

PS…I think the bath pics are my favorite!!


Woodland Wonderland Birthday Party!


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