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I am so honored to have been a part of a birth recently. I met the Mom-to-be a couple months ago and we informally interviewed each other. She had heard about me through her midwife…a woman I met because of my client/friend. We formed a relationship and she allowed me to offer this special gift to her moms-to-be! Birth photography is so many things. It is documentary because it captures events as they happen the way they happen…no posing or saying cheese. It is emotional and raw due to the very nature of what you are photographing. It is sometimes dark and gritty due to late night births with very low lighting and really high ISO’s. But, for me, most of all…it is simply amazing.

I have a three year old. My birth experience was special and so memorable. I have pictures, but not the way I wish I did. I remember coming home and calling a friend to instruct her that she would be present at my next birth so I could make sure I had plenty of pictures. The reason why? When the father-to-be, or your Mom, etc is snapping pictures, while also helping you with ice chips, and rubbing your back…they are missing important details. They are missing emotions. They are missing those in-between-moments. That is what the birth photographer doesn’t miss. We are there to be a fly on the wall…out of the way…capturing moments.

If you are expecting, give me a call. I would love to talk about birth photography with you! I only take limited births per month due to the “on-call” nature! 

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